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Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Luoxin Pharmaceutical,Source of Health

Company profile

As one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in China, Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group Stock Co., Ltd. is a healthcare conglomerate that is engaged in pharmaceutical research and development, manufacture, sales, and healthcare service.


The company adhering to the strategic concept of “enterprise development through science and technology” sets a scientific research center in Shanghai Spreading River High Technology Park and organizes a scientific research team made up of domestic and overseas high-end scientific and technological talents, which assumes the development of high-tech projects and cultivation of high-tech talents with the help of various superior resources in Spreading River High Technology Park. It forms a triune scientific research system with the headquarter and strongly promotes the development of new drugs. The company is equipped with national-recognized enterprise technology center, national and local engineering laboratory, national postdoctoral workstation, posts for “Mount Tai scholars -- distinguished pharmaceutical experts”, Shandong enterprise academician workstation, Shandong pharmaceutical engineering and technological research center for freeze-dried powder injection, Shandong pharmaceutical engineering laboratory for freeze-dried powder injection and Shandong pharmaceutical key laboratory for freeze-dried powder injection. Luoxin pharmaceutical postdoctoral mobile workstation, teaching and training bases, practice bases and employment bases for graduates established by Shenyang Pharmaceutical University form a solid national scientific research and technology center, giving new energy to the rapid development of the company.


  • · 18 products produced by the company are included into national major scientific and technological special projects of “Major New Medicine Development”
  • · 4 products are included into “National New Products Program”
  • · 12 products are included into “National Torch Plan”
  • · 144 products are included into Shandong Torch Plan, Shandong Scientific and Technological Development Plan, Shandong Technological Innovation Project, etc. Many products won “Scientific and Technological Progress Award”, of which, one product technology won the Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award
  • · 200 product technologies won Chinese patent for invention, with 20 years of patent protection.20 years of patent protection.


Luoxin Group adheres to integrity, the guiding thought of exploration and innovation and values of “reward employees, return clients, repay shareholders, retribute to the society and reinforce the enterprise”, continuously creates the greatest value space for the broad masses of clients and sticks to high-quality products, favorable prices and excellent services.


Luoxin Group is willing to go forward hand in hand with colleagues in pharmaceutical industry, delivers health and creates the brilliancy together.

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